About Campion College

campion-college-logo1Campion College Australia is the first liberal arts college in Australia. Like its counterparts in Europe and North America, its telos consists in educating its students to be the leaders of their societies, both Catholic and non Catholic. The College was named after the notable 16th century Oxford scholar and martyr, St Edmund Campion, who had long served as a patron of lay Catholic educational initiatives in Australia, beginning with the Campion Society in the 1930s


Campion College differs from the American model, in that it offers the chance to complete a program in the liberal arts within 3 years instead of the customary 4. The college educates its students in philosophy, theology, literature, history, classics and the sciences, all of which lie at the core of the Western intellectual tradition.  Its program is based on the idea that the Bachelor of Arts is the degree most truly central to University level education.  The program seeks to instill in students the ability to think critically and argue rationally, both in writing and in speech, and the development of the creative, analytical and research skills.


Whilst its student body comes from a variety of cultural and religious backgrounds, the college is a tertiary institution with a culture that consciously seeks to uphold the Catholic tradition. Its students will receive a grounding in Catholic belief and thought, and be exposed to the richness of the Church’s spiritual, moral, intellectual and cultural heritage, whilst at the same time focussing that tradition to engage classical and secular intellectual traditions.


Its reputation as a Catholic liberal arts college is demonstrated by its inclusion in the Newman Guide for recommended Catholic colleges, published by the American-based Cardinal Newman Society. Campion College is also a member of the International Council of Universities of St. Thomas Aquinas.


More details about the college can be accessed by clicking here.