Syndicate: A New Forum for Theology


A number of folk in the theological publishing world have banded together to form a new take on the theological journal, and have named it Syndicate: A New Forum for Theology.
Syndicate will use the format of the online symposium and use specific works as starting points to generate theological discussion which is more up to date, readily accessible than the traditional quarterly print journal.
As the poster above indicates, the project has already received the attention of theological heavyweights such as William Cavanaugh, Gerald Loughlin, Michael Hanby, and D. Stephen Long, as well as a slew of upcoming theologians. Upcoming discussions already planned include symposia on Sarah Coakley’s God, Sexuality and the Self, Jeffrey Bishop’s The Anticipatory Corpse, Tina Beattie’s Theology After Postmodernity, and many others.
This is a promising new development in academic theology, and promises to aid the ongoing formation of theologians and laity alike. As such, the Divine Wedgie is throwing its support behind it. Readers are encouraged to sign up to Syndicate’s mailing list.
Be on a lookout for the site’s official launch, which will be the 12th May 2014. The site is currently in a very comprehensive beta mode and can be accessed by clicking here.



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