Upcoming Engagements: On the Liberal Arts, Dignity, New Media and Health Insurance

Readers might be interested to know of a number of conferences and presentations pertaining to a variety of topics.
On the topic of the Liberal Arts, Campion College is organising and hosting a 3 day Colloquium entitled The Christian View of History and the Revival of the Liberal Arts from 31 August to 2 September 2012. This promises to be a highly stimulating event for those keen to see the humanities protected in Australian tertiary education, given its current unofficial status as an endangered species. It features a number of high profile speakers from Australia, the United States, Scotland and China. Details of the Colloquium can be found by clicking here.
In the more immediate term, Matthew Tan will be making a series of conference presentations covering a number of cultural, political and cybernetic issues. The list of presentations are as follows:
Religious Diversity as a Managerial Device: Australian Philosophy of Religion Association conference at the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne (23rd June).
Saving Cyberspace: the Ecclesiology of New Media  United States Conference of Catholic Bishops/ Pontifical Council for Social Communications Conference on the dialogue between Theology and Communications, University of Santa Clara (26th June).
Cyberculture and Human Dignity: Australian Catholic Students Association Annual Conference at the University of Melbourne (7th July)
The Ecclesiology of the American Health and Human Services Mandate: Seminars in Political  and Religious Life inaugural session at the John Paul II Institute in Melbourne (10th July). Click here for seminar abstracts and here to go to the facebook page.

Due to the busy schedule, readers might notice a slight decrease in post updates, and normal traffic should resume mid July.


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