Food Fight: The Story of a Goulburn Valley Food Co-Operative

The theme of distributism has been neglected of late, and attached above is a short video that documents the beginnings of a food cooperative established in the Goulburn Valley area, after the closure of a factory by Heinz threatened to destroy a local agricultural community. The video highlights not only the great degree of centralisation of food production in Australia, but also the resultant dependence on local communities on multinational food production firms that demonstrate little or no investment in or attachment to the local community.

The video on the other hand, provides a rare and encouraging glimpse into a community reducing its dependence by taking charge of its own local affairs, and tending to local employment needs.

One thought on “Food Fight: The Story of a Goulburn Valley Food Co-Operative

  1. Interesting. The real crisis point is when the original prporietors agreed to sell to HEINZ – happy to grab the cash and lose control. No sanction from local community ,Government State or Federal. No -on should criticise HEINZ for doing what is in its best interests. The local original vendors to HEINZ need to be criticised for their short term view , ignoring their long term interests. Lets hope the new Co-op is a long term success and nor yet another sell out when the value of the Aussie dollar is right.


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