Online Symposium on the Future of Seminaries

The religious blog portal Patheos is running an online symposium entitled “The Future of Seminary Education”. Thankfully, this symposium is not so much on the viability of seminaries per se, but that of particular modes of formation and the possible directions that such training might take.
The symposium can be accessed by clicking here. Interestingly, Patheos has compiled Catholic blog reflections into a discrete section from non-Catholic ones, and these can be accessed by clicking here. This can be read in one of two ways: either Patheos is engaging in anti-Catholic discrimination or, more encouragingly, that the Catholic Church is rightfully embodying a radically distinct mode of living to the point that its observers can detect that it is not like other modes of Christian discipleship, and that it has so peculiar a relationship vis a vis the wider secular culture which, as Patheos remarks, makes Catholic seminaries “occupy a different landscape”.

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