Religious Education in Secular Society: A View from Dr. Joel Hodge

Dr Joel Hodge, a Systematic Theologian at the Australian Catholic University, recently wrote on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s The Drum, explicating some unexplained catch cries being circulated by the secular press – namely “secularism” and “tolerance” – in the debate over the role of religious education in Australia.
As the secular media become more militant in its criticisms over the role of religious communities in school formation, Dr Hodge’s latest post is highly incisive and a valuable aid for the Christian in negotiating the myriad often emotionally driven arguments. The heart of the debate, Dr. Hodge implies, is not the promotion of openness to others, but the subjugation of religious communities to the ends of the secular political program.
The full text of Dr. Hodge’s article can be found here.

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