Consumerism and Christianity: An Interview with William Cavanaugh

The protestant website recently did a a short but highly informative interview with the Catholic theologian, William T. Cavanaugh of dePaul University. 
Cavanaugh’s use of both postmodern authors (such as Foucault and de Certeau) and patristic sources (in particular Augustine of Hippo) has resulted in a number of uniquely insightful, orthodox and challenging works in political theology, ecclesiology and sacramental theology. His little book of about 100 pages, Theopolitical Imagination, touches on why our participation in the Eucharist is a political act in a consumer age and is a must read for all Catholics, for they will  learn to love the Eucharist all the more. His follow up in the little books department on Christian desire and consumer culture, Being Consumed, is the subject of this interview, which is divided into 2 parts:
Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2


2 thoughts on “Consumerism and Christianity: An Interview with William Cavanaugh

  1. But isnt Christianity in 2011 the ultimate form of “religious” consumerism which is self-evident in the fact that there now over 30,000 different and differing Christian denominations, sects and sub-sects all competing for market=share in the religious (read consumer) market-place.

    Do you think Jesus would be recognized and even welcome if he happened to walk in the door at any of these churches, including the door of BIG-time religion in Rome.


  2. With all due respect to anonymous, I think your comment rather misses the thrust of Cavanaugh's books. And certainly a Roman Catholic stance simply doesn't play the “different churches” game (ie religious pluralism as a means of catering to ever more targeted niche markets is simply 'outside' Roman Catholic ecclesiology, and this for the simple reason that its outside of Christian ecclesiology; there is only one church and Christ is her head.) Anyway, what I wanted to say is that this Protestant is absolutely thrilled that Cavanaugh is registering on the Evangelical scene (arguable, where hsi message is needed most). Go Bill!

    Paul Tyson


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