Nietzsche & Our Cyborgified Age

His woeful views on Christianity notwithstanding, the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche made many accurate insights about the nascent version of the secular modernity in which we are now living.
One of these includes a startling remark Nietzsche made about a coming epoch that, swept up in the thrall of scientistic efficiency, will become dominated by machinistic mindset.
The institutionalisation of this mindset will herald an age where, in Nietzsche’s  words, “promise[s] to invent a way of life which refrains from all organic functions.”
This 19th century statement is reflected in a remark made today by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. As Humans become more dependent on technology to increase ease of life, Wozniak exclaimed, they will also increasingly “become the pets, the dogs of the house”. This is because in our rush to improve the efficiency of machines in areas like medicine, education, transport, leisure, music and art, “We’re already creating the superior beings”. The battle between man and machines, he concluded, was lost long ago.
This raises an interesting question as to how the Church should respond to recent calls to engage cyberculture in fulfilling its evangelical mandate. Further posts will elaborate on this reflection.

3 thoughts on “Nietzsche & Our Cyborgified Age

  1. Whole-hearted agreement. I would like to see more exploration into the possible consequences and implications for the Christian engagement in the techno-world as a means of evangelization. While there certainly is a place for the use of new technological devices in spreading the Gospel (Cf. results of the printing press or television/radio broadcasts), it does seem a bit ironic that the disciples of the Word-made-flesh should be using tools that of their essence lead man further away from the real sharing of words with men in the flesh.


  2. This clip made me vomit. This is my ecclesial scene where a pathological desire for with it and happening rellevance completely by-passes discernment. What this shows very clearly is that our problems are not just in the youth culture that simply absorbs whatever techno-mediation it is fed by our very powerful culture industry – but that they get no alternative from their paranets and grandparents or the church. All generations, all institutions are simply going with the flow now.


  3. Applied Christian politics 101

    One stark image:

    Words and images

    The first reference is featured in the book The Pentagon of Power by Lewis Mumford. A book which describes the origins and historical developments of the western drive (the Invisible Mega-machine)to gain total power and control over every one and every thing.

    Anyone that pretends that conventional power and control seeking exoteric religion can make any difference to the momentum of the Invisible Mega-machine is just plain deluded.

    The recent Avatar film was a necessary parable for our time.

    Having already “created” a dying planet (just like we have)the techno-barbarian invaders were compelled by the inexorable logic of their power drive to invade virgin “primitive” cultures (just like we always have).

    What was most interesting about the film was the fact that all of those on the right side of the culture, including ESPECIALLY “conservative” religionists, came out loudly cheering for the techno-barbarian invaders and their “culture” of death.

    But that was really quite predictable too, because most of these “conservatives” are essentially champions of the now world dominant military-industrial-“entertainment” complex, the leading edge of which is global PREDATORY capitalism.

    The “culture” of death quite literally rules to here!


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